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After 50 Years, Ka-Bar Marks a Triumphant Return to USA-Made Knives

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The State & Union F01, which comes in three colorways, is an EDC folder worthy of the brand’s exceptional pedigree.


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When it comes to knifemaking, Ka-Bar has a pretty spectacular pedigree. Founded all the way back in 1898 as the Tidioute Cutlery Company, the brand is responsible for manufacturing the world-famous USMC fighting knife and has been supplying American armed forces with bladed tools since 1942. Along with its governmental ties, the brand also has a rich history of crafting knives (and related gear) for average, everyday citizens.

However, the brand sadly has not produced a USA-made pocket knife in a whopping five decades, which is kind of a bummer for a brand with such close ties to American history. Thankfully, that all changed with the release of the State & Union F01, Ka-Bar’s first all-USA-made folding knife produced in-house in fifty years.

As we’d hope, this knife’s materials are top-notch

With its half-century USA-made drought, expectations for this release are probably pretty damn high. Luckily, it looks like the State & Union F01 will stand up to scrutiny, even from big-time knife fanatics.

Materially speaking, the State & Union F01 is a knife that begs to be used over and over again.Ka-Bar

For starters, the F01 comes with a wide-bellied S35VN steel blade. While it’s not the highest-end steel (nor should it be, as Ka-Bar’s offerings should be expected to stand up to hard use), it’s among the most beloved super steels available on the market and gets top marks (at least in its price class) for strength, durability, corrosion resistance, etc.

Pair that with grippy G10 handle scales (available in three colorways) and a sturdy back lock, and you’ve got a knife that’s perfect for everything from EDC to field usage.

Have your Ka-Bar State & Union F01 in one of three ways

While the materials and format of the knife are certainly among the most important things to consider, it’s also nice that this release comes in your choice of three different colorways. It’s also nice that, apart from color changes, these knives are materially identical — meaning you don’t have to worry about which one is best, at least from a performance standpoint, when choosing between them.

The sturdy back lock ensures the blade stays in place when you need it most.Ka-Bar

The options are Jade with anodized purple hardware, Olive Drab with anodized orange hardware, and Battleship Gray with anodized teal hardware. All three are appropriately priced at $175. And they’re all available to purchase right now.

Ka-Bar State & Union F01 Folder

The brand’s first entirely USA-made folder in five decades, the State & Union F01 has an exceptional pedigree and, from a material perspective, was worth the wait. And yet it’s still a knife that begs to be used — not one destined for a display case.


Blade Length

3.25 inches

Blade Steel


Handle Material


Locking Mechanism


Total Length

7.35 inches



Great materials-to-price ratio

Exceptional pedigree


Not the prettiest design