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Apple’s Vision Pro Travel Case Is Weird and Wonderful, But Is It Worth $199?

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If you plan to travel with your Vision Pro, you need to buy a travel case. Apple’s is the coolest option, but it’s also the most expensive.

Photo by Tucker Bowe

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The Apple Vision Pro has only been out in the world for a hot second, and there aren’t many accessories for it just yet. If you go to Apple’s website, you’ll find things that already come with the headset, like an extra battery, light seal cushion or one of its two headbands. 

One of the few accessories Apple sells that is genuinely different is the Apple Vision Pro Travel Case — it’s equal parts wonderful and hilarious, while also being pretty darn expensive. It costs $199.

The Apple Vision Pro doesn’t come with any type of carrying case or holder. So once you take it and its various accoutrements (chargers, cables, headbands) out of the box, it’s kind of up to you to where to store it all. 

It’s a little surprising that Apple doesn’t include any type of case for its $3,500 headset — most wireless headphones (which are substantially more affordable) come with their own case, after all. Here’s what we think of the one Apple sells.

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It’s a travel case straight from space

Everything packs super snug.Photo by Tucker Bowe

The Apple Vision Pro Travel Case doesn’t look like any other gadget travel case I’ve seen. It sort of resembles a giant marshmallow, a leg tire off the Michelin Man or a NASA-designed storage unit. 

As you’d probably expect, the Travel Case feels anything but cheap. It has a cushioned outer shell that’s made of a ripstop material, so it’s actually pretty durable. Inside, there’s a hardshell lined with microfiber. And there are designated spots and straps to hold the Vision Pro and its battery securely in place. There’s also a little baggie for your unused headband and polishing cloth.

It makes an OK travel pillow

The travel case is about the same size as a travel or throw pillow.Photo by Tucker Bowe

The Apple Vision Pro Travel Case is a weird size because it’s not huge but it’s also large enough that if you put it in your backpack, there’s not that much space for anything else. Fortunately the Travel Case works as a good standalone pack. There’s a cleverly designed handle that retracts back into the case when you’re not holding it. And the outside is kind of fluffy like a pillow. 

I’m not going to say that the Travel Case makes a great pillow, however. When you put any sort of weight on it, like if you try to rest your head or another bag on it, the cushioned outer shell deflates a little so you can really feel the hardshell interior. But it is a little more comfortable than resting your head on a typical bag.

It’s only available in white

The interior of the travel case is lined with soft microfiber. Photo by Tucker Bowe

There’s a designated strap and holder for the battery and cable.Photo by Tucker Bowe

If there’s a downside to the Travel Case, aside from it being pretty expensive, it’s that it’s only available in white. This makes the case look cool and different, but I’d be very nervous tossing it in the backseat of your car or anywhere it’s vulnerable to be shuffled or spilled on. This bag most definitely can get dirty.

There are more affordable options

The Apple Vision Pro Travel Case is about twice the size of most travel cases for today’s wireless headphones.Photo by Tucker Bowe

Apple’s travel case for the Vision Pro is obviously quite expensive, and it definitely looks different — which means it’s not for everyone.

The good news is there are quite a few third-party cases for the Vision Pro that are more affordable — and at least equally functional. Spigen’s Klasden Pouch ($90) and Waterfield’s Shield Case ($159+) are two such options, with the latter being available in multiple colors and materials.

Apple Vision Pro Travel Case

This is the only case that Apple sells for the Vision Pro. It has a cushioned ripstop outer shell and hardshell interior that’s lined with microfiber.



Ripstop outer shell


Polycarbonate protective structure

Inner Lining



Fits the Vision Pro and its accessories perfectly

Unique look


Only available in white

Quite pricey