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Should You Buy a 2-Door Toyota Tacoma? We Drove One to Find Out

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The XtraCab Tacoma is a two-door pickup with a little extra space.

Photo by Tyler Duffy

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Toyota debuted the all-new 2024 Tacoma last year. One of its key selling points is that, and we quote the brand, “there’s a Tacoma for everyone.” At a time when other manufacturers are paring back, Toyota launched the Taco with nine grades and four powertrain configurations. Unlike most competitors, Toyota will even sell you something you rarely see anymore: a two-door pickup. It’s called the XtraCab.

With the XtraCab, Toyota replaced the shorter “Access Cab” of the outgoing model that offered nominal rear seats with a new setup that offers two seats and some lockable rear storage. Toyota offers a configuration on the base SR and SR5 grades, and it’s the only option for the PreRunner trim.

Is it worth the savings — $2,200 for the SR and $1,070 for the SR5 — to buy a two-door Tacoma XtraCab? I drove an SR5 version at home in Michigan for a week to find out. 

Two-door pickups used to be the norm. Now they’re a rarity. Photo by Tyler Duffy

You miss one of the chief benefits of the new Tacoma with the XtraCab

One of the most significant updates to the 2024 Tacoma is the new coil-spring multi-link rear suspension. It brings the Taco into the 2020s, dramatically improving ride quality and handling. Alas, it’s only available on the Double Cab Tacoma; the XtraCab model sticks with leaf springs. 

In SR5 XtraCab spec, you get the new turbocharged iForce 2.4-liter inline-four engine. It pumps out 278 horsepower and 317 lb-ft of torque. You also get an eight-speed automatic transmission, which is smooth and provides a night-and-day improvement over the outgoing six-speed box. And that powertrain can make the Tacoma scoot, at least relatively compared to its predecessor. But it will be a bit bumpier with the old-fashioned suspension.

One drawback to the Toyota Tacoma XtraCab is losing the coil-sprung multilink rear suspension on Double Cab models. Photo by Tyler Duffy

Two-seater pickups have gone out of fashion for a reason

Double cabs have been revolutionary for pickups. They make owning a pickup more convenient and practical, whether we’re talking about a Ford F-150, a Toyota Tacoma or a Ford Maverick. Judging from my week with the Tacoma XtraCab, two-door pickups won’t be making a mainstream comeback.

Granted, I’m not at the stereotypical “Tacoma dude life” stage, but the XtraCab swiftly became useless in everyday life with two kids. Token rear seats would have at least let me try to use the truck for school runs. And not having seats didn’t open up a tremendous amount of storage space.

And while the Tacoma’s 4×4 system worked great during a winter snowstorm, I could only use it to run one errand by myself: when my daughter needed some oat milk. When my family needed to get somewhere in the snow, we had to grin and bear it in our family crossover on all-season tires. 

Losing the nominal rear seats doesn’t provide the Tacoma XtraCab with a tremendous amount of space.Photo by Tyler Duffy

And the Tacoma XtraCab just isn’t that cheap

The Tacoma XtraCab is only affordable if you go full stripped-down SR spec. Bumping up to the base SR to SR5 Xtra Cab brings the starting MSRP to $36,200. Opting for four-wheel-drive bumps that MSRP to $39,400. The $1,495 delivery, processing and handling fee puts you at $40,895. 

Throw in some floor mats and maybe splurge on a bedliner or heated seats like my tester had, and you’ll be in for about $42,000. That’s nearly the same price as the off-roading Nissan Frontier Pro-4X 4×4 model. Even sticking in the Tacoma universe, you’re within a few thousand dollars of upgrading to a Double Cab TRD Off-Road Tacoma, which feels like a much better play. 

If you’re going to spend north of $40,000 on a Tacoma, you might as well upgrade to the TRD Off-Road.Toyota

Should you buy a two-door Toyota Tacoma XtraCab?

The Tacoma XtraCab could be the right truck for a small niche of buyers — those in warm climates looking for a barebones work truck or opting for the PreRunner. For the SR5 4×4 and above buyer, you might as well level up to a Double Cab. 


Toyota Tacoma

The Tacoma is Toyota’s midsize pickup truck. It’s legendary for its durability and reliability. An all-new version arrived in 2023 with a choice of conventional and hybrid inline-four powertrains.


Dramatically improved ride quality with revamped platform

Smooth 8-speed transmission


Cabin is still tight

Gas fuel economy didn’t improve much

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