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The Ineos Fusilier: Everything You Need to Know

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The Ineos Fusilier: Everything You Need to Know

It’s not an electric G-Wagen … but it sure looks like one.


Upstate British carmaker Ineos has already launched the Grenadier SUV, the closest thing to an old Land Rover Defender still in production. The Quartermaster pickup version of that is coming soon. But it turns out that’s not all the automaker has in the cards; Ineos has now confirmed a third vehicle, an electric SUV called the Fusilier.

Here’s what we know about the Ineos Fusilier so far.

The Ineos Fusilier will come in two versions

Ineos has confirmed the Fusilier will have an all-electric version and an electric version with a range extender. That setup will work like the Ram 1500 Ramcharger, with a small gas engine working as a generator in reserve to charge the battery.

Ineos says the Fusilier will be shorter in length and lower in height than the Grenadier and built on a bespoke skateboard platform.

The Ineos Fusilier will be smaller than the Grenadier and Quartermaster. Ineos

The Ineos Fusilier looks an awful lot like a Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Upon seeing the Ineos Fusilier, our first reaction was, “Wow, that looks like a G-Wagen.” It’s not quite as tall and boxy as the current G-Class, thanks to proportions softened for EV-friendly aerodynamocs. But some design cues seem inspired by Mercedes’s classic off-roader. Indeed, it may end up looking more like the G-Class than Mercedes’s forthcoming EQG electric SUV.

And the similarities to the “G” are not just visual. Ineos has revealed that the Fusilier will be built by Magna Steyr, the firm that produces the G-Wagen for Mercedes (and will be working on Scout vehicle development). Ineos also says the Fusilier will be tested at Shöckl, the famed Austrian mountain course where the G-Wagen does its testing.

It appears that Ineos plans to let you go hog wild with the Fusilier color palette Ineos

When will the Ineos Fusilier arrive?

Not imminently. Ineos says it will reveal further design details and a launch timeline in “Autumn 2024.” Autumn technically lasts until late December, so we wouldn’t expect a prototype until mid-to-late 2025 at the earliest.


Ineos Fusilier

The Ineos Fusilier will be the brand’s third vehicle after the Grenadier and Quartermaster. It will be an electric SUV with an available ranger-extender version




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2026 (estimated)


Looks like a Mercedes G-Wagen


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