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The Porsche Taycan EV Is About to Become One Extreme Electric Car

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Catch a Sneak Peek of Porsche’s Craziest Electric Car Yet

Considering the new Taycan Turbo S makes 938 horsepower, that’s saying something.


If there’s one carmaker that’s proven it can build electric vehicles that still possess the personality and traits it’s long been known for, it’s Porsche.

Granted, that might have seemed like a long shot a decade ago, but the arrival of the Taycan in 2019 — complete with 911-like performance and a design literally almost unchanged from the concept car stage — proved that, much as the first Cayenne had shown 15 years earlier, the crew from Zuffenhausen had exactly what it took to rise to the challenge of entering a whole new category and delivering a product that stays true to the spirit of Porsche.

Nevertheless, Porsche has still found plenty of competition in the speedy EV market. Tesla’s Performance and Ludicrous / Plaid models have captured hearts and minds across the globe, while other upstart carmakers like Lucid Motors are building electric sedans and SUVs that deliver heart-stopping performance on both street and track. On the established automaker side, Mercedes-AMG, Audi Sport and BMW’s M division are already dabbling in electric vehicles, with cutting-edge models expected from each in the next year or two.

Suffice it to say, Porsche can’t rest on its laurels if it wants to remain a leading force in the performance EV space. And unsurprisingly, it doesn’t plan to.

The next Porsche EV will be “the most dynamic Taycan” yet, and could pack more than 1,000 horsepower

The motoring world has been expecting a new, extra-high-performance Taycan variant for a while now, ever since a mysterious camouflaged prototype with a plus-sized rear wing was seen ripping around the Nurburgring Nordschleife last year.

Many gearheads (including us here at Gear Patrol) had expected it to arrive with the facelifted models that debuted last month, but instead, it was nowhere to be found — although the new maximum power of 938 horses from the ’24 Taycan Turbo S set the bar awfully high for any upcoming performance variant.

The 2024 Taycan Cross Turismo and sedan.Porsche

Luckily, we won’t have long to wait to see the missing model variant. On March 4th, Porsche dropped a press release on its media site declaring that the “world premier of the most dynamic Taycan of all time” would occur in less than a week, on March 11th at 2pm CET — 9am Eastern Daylight Time here in the United States.

With the release, Porsche also dropped the shadowy image seen at the top of the post. Not much is visible about the new Taycan (other than that it’s a Taycan), but there is one notable variance: the very large spoiler affixed to the tail. It’s unclear from this angle whether it’ll be a retractable wing as seen on the Cayenne Turbo GT or a fixed one as found on the (non-Touring) version of the 911 GT3, but either way, it appears poised to add serious downforce at speed.


As for what sort of power it could pack to live up to its billing, rumors have suggested the new variant could pack three electric motors, up from the two of the current AWD versions. This arrangement — two motors in the back, one in the front — is already used in the likes of the Tesla Model S Plaid, Lucid Air Sapphire and Audi SQ 8 E-Tron, preferred for its combination of both extra power and immediate, highly controlled power distribution for the rear axle.

But whether Porsche goes for an extra motor out back or simply winds up the existing units from the Turbo S, it’s very possible that this new Taycan variant could break the 1,000 horsepower mark — making it the first production Porsche to do so. These are interesting time…

The new EV will likely be called the Porsche Taycan Turbo GT

The “Turbo GT” moniker was introduced back in 2021 to describe the hottest version yet of the Cayenne crossover — an extra-spicy variant that comes as close to an actual GT car as Porsche felt comfortable going with a product with more than two doors. (Titles like GT2, GT3 and GT4 are reserved for true sports cars like the 911 and 718 Cayman / Boxster.)

Since then, however, the title has gone unused, apart from its reoccurrence on the facelifted 2024 Cayenne‘s range-topping variant. Considering we already have a Taycan Turbo S, the new “most dynamic” version of the EV would seem a natural fit for the Turbo GT title. But we’ll find out for sure on March 11th, won’t we?


Porsche Taycan

The Porsche Taycan is the brand’s first electric car, a four-door sedan that slots between the 911 and Panamera in size and performance. It also comes in five-door station wagon form, although most wagons are marketed as soft-road oriented “Cross Turismo” variants. A variety of power levels are on offer at various prices, ranging from the rear-wheel-drive base sedan to the all-wheel-drive, supercar-quick Turbo S. All variants offer excellent handling and great range, however.


Battery size

105 kWh (Performance Battery Plus)

Maximum rate of charging

320 kW

Maximum power

938 hp (Turbo S)




Acceleration ranges from excellent to expletive-worthy

Excellent range for an electric car

Extreme fast-charging capability

Porsche-worthy build quality


Not cheap

Fairly small interior for a sedan