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The Rivian R3: Everything You Need to Know

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Looks like a Lada Niva. Performs like a Rivian.


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Rivian revealed the new R2 SUV as expected. But Rivian surprised everyone by unveiling a second new vehicle, the R3. It’s one of the most intriguing EVs we’ve seen in a while for several reasons, including a style that echoes some iconic hatchbacks of yore. 

Here’s what we know about the Rivian R3 so far. 

What is the Rivian R3?

The Rivian R3 exhibits a classic hatchback silhouette, but it will technically be a midsize crossover. (It’s slightly like the Hyundai Ioniq 5 in this regard.) Rivian will build it on the same platform as the R2. And it will come in at least two variants: the R3 and the R3X, a rally car-inspired off-road performance trim. 

How much power will the Rivian R3 have?

Rivian still needs to release power numbers for the R3 (it hasn’t for the R2, either). But we know it will come in a base single-motor RWD version as well as dual and tri-motor AWD versions. Rivian has said the top-spec model will accelerate from 0-60 mph in less than three seconds. 

The R3X performance variant could accelerate from 0-60 mph in less than three seconds. Rivian

How much range will the Rivian R3 have?

Rivian says the top-range R3 will have more than 300 miles of range. The R3 will use new, energy-dense “4695” battery cells. Rivian says it will charge from 10-80 percent in less than 30 minutes on a DC fast charger. Rivian is switching to the NACS standard in 2025, though the R3 will be able to charge on CCS chargers with an adapter. 

How much will the R3 cost?

The Rivian R3 should be affordable by EV standards. We know the R2 will start at $45,000, and Rivian says the R3 is expected to be even cheaper. Plus, Rivian could position the vehicle to be eligible for a federal tax credit

The Rivian R3 will still be practical despite being more compact dimensionally than previous Rivian vehicles. Rivian

When will the Rivian R3 launch?

Not imminently. Rivian plans to launch the R2 in 2026, but says the R3 will launch at an unspecified date afterward. We’d expect Rivian to leave ample runway for the R2 to start production smoothly; 2027 is likely the earliest time we’ll see the Rivian R3.

Rivian has already brought an R3 out in public

Following Rivian’s launch event, the brand brought an R3 along with the R2 to Laguna Beach in California. Sadly, we were not offered a chance to drive either of them.


Rivian R3

The Rivian R3 is an upcoming electric midsize crossover from Rivian. It shares a platform with the R2 SUV but distinguishes itself with a hatchback silhouette.




Body Style

Midsize Crossover

Arrival Date

2027 (estimated)


Looks amazing

Should be affordable for an EV


But do Americans want a hatchback?