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These 5 Brands Build the Best Cars You Can Buy in 2024

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Looking for a new car? These automakers are a great place to start, according to Consumer Reports. (And we love them, too.)


Which brands build the best cars? Well, Consumer Reports has just weighed in with its manufacturer rankings for 2024 in tandem with its “top 10 cars to buy” list. The rankings combined Consumer Reports road test scores, predicted reliability, owner satisfaction and safety into an Overall Score. Brands needed at least two models tested in order to qualify. Suffice it to say, it’s a comprehensive system.

You should treat these rankings with some caution, however. Consumer Reports does do very rigorous testing, but the rankings swing wildly year to year; Cadillac jumped 11 places on this year’s list and Dodge fell by 10 spots. And more reliable software — the sort of thing CR ranks highly — can also mean a manufacturer isn’t pushing the envelope with advanced features.

BMW retained its position at the top of the list; Consumer Reports’s formula doesn’t factor in aesthetics. Here are the top five brands overall.


Pictured: 2024 BMW X5BMW

Overall Score: 82

Road Test Score: 88

Consumer Reports recommended 12 out of 12 BMW vehicles. The X5 landed on the brand’s 10-best new cars list.


Pictured: 2024 Subaru Crosstrek WildernessSubaru

Overall Score: 80

Road Test Score: 84

Eight out of nine Subaru vehicles tested earned Consumer Reports recommendations. The Crosstrek and Forester crossovers made the organization’s ten-best list.


Pictured: Porsche 911 GT3 Touring PackagePorsche

Overall Score: 80

Road Test Score: 84

Porsche jumped 11 places from last year into the top three in Consumer Reports’s 2024 rankings. All four vehicles tested earned recommendations.


Pictured: 2024 Honda PrologueHonda

Overall Score: 78

Road Test Score: 83

Honda climbed one place from last year to fourth on the list. All ten vehicles Consumer Reports tested earned recommendations.


Pictured: 2024 Lexus GX 550.Lexus

Overall Score: 78

Road Test Score: 78

Lexus fell one place from last year’s rankings to fifth on Consumer Reports’s list. Nine of the 10 vehicles tested earned recommendations.