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This Looks Like the Ultimate Family Overlanding Trailer … and Then Some

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With room for four and a host of off-road goodies, the Mammoth TL can take your family almost anywhere.

Mammoth Overland

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Today’s overlanding market has trailer options for practically every situation. Still, you’re generally going to have to prioritize, say, roominess and homey comfort or off-road toughness. But what if a trailer gave you everything?

That’s basically the conceit behind Mammoth Overland’s new TL (AKA “Tall Boy”) Genesis Edition. The first installment of Mammoth’s new trailer series, the TL Genesis Edition showcases the full might of the builder by having enough room to house four adults comfortably while still being rugged enough to tackle pretty much any terrain. Let’s get into what’s most impressive about it.

Mammoth Overland

Mammoth Overlanding TL Genesis Edition

A Trailer to Take Your Family Through the Apocalypse

I cannot imagine many scenarios that would actually call for a trailer as ludicrously overbuilt as the Mammoth Overland TL. Does that make me want one any less? Hell no.

Let’s start with the family-oriented luxuries. The trailer is tall enough to walk around inside comfortably if you’re under 6’3″ (hence the “Tall Boy” moniker). There’s a king-sized bed along with a modular couch that converts into a bunk bed, meaning a family of four — or potentially five, if there are small children — has plenty of room to sleep. Next to the king-sized bed is a Dickenson heater with integrated ignition, effectively giving you an easy-to-use bedside fireplace.

The king-sized bed offers all the comforts of home.Mammoth Overland

There’s also an indoor shower and sink with on-demand hot water, along with a portable cassette toilet with its own storage spot, so your fam’s bathroom needs are covered — no venturing out into the woods to pee in the middle of the night.

There’s a pass-through pantry that makes it easy to store food inside while still having it accessible outside the trailer. This is important, as the trailer’s exterior features a slide-out galley kitchen complete with a sink, dual-burne stove and an electric fridge. Tinted windows and USB, AC and DC outlets are all located throughout the trailer, ensuring there’s not a bad seat in the house.

The Tall Boy is arguably even more impressive when it comes to going off-road and off-grid. The trailer is outfitted with four 33-inch BFGoodrich tires, including a pair of full-sized rear-mounted spares, and is equipped with Timbren’s 5200HD independent suspension system that’s built specifically to take trailers off-road. Integrated steel rock sliders and a ground clearance of 21.5 inches give you confidence when hitting the trails, as do included accessories like traction boards, a high-lift jack and an off-road winch.

Take one look at the TL and it’s clear the trailer was built for rugged adventuring.Mammoth Overland

For off-grid independence, the TL is equipped with dual 100W portable solar panels, a solar power hook-up, a 50-gallon water tank and a 2000W Inverter. There’s also a ton of storage for food and supplies in the form of a modular roof rack, exterior Molle racks, a trio of Rotopax containers and ample under-trailer storage, not to mention a plethora of interior cabinets and shelves.

What’s This Going to Cost Me?

As expected, the Mammoth TL Genesis Edition ain’t cheap — but it also isn’t as crazily priced as you might expect. As it’s intended to showcase the full capabilities of Mammoth Overlanding, just ten examples of the Genesis Edition are being produced at $72,000 a pop. Presumably, less kitted-out future versions of the TL will be available for less money.

If you’re interested in putting your family through the wringer in the utmost comfort, head over to Mammoth Overlanding to reserve your build. Doing so requires a refundable $1,000 deposit, and production is expected to commence in the fourth quarter of this year.

Mammoth Overland

Mammoth Overlanding TL Genesis Edition


Power Supply

400AH lithium battery, 2 100W solar panels





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