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This New E-Bike Is the First of Its Kind

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In a world of ever-increasing e-bike availability and sameness, the Lectric ONE appears to ride alone.


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In case you missed it, electric bikes have taken the bicycling world by storm. In the past five years — with a little assist from a pandemic — e-bikes went from fringe to fully mainstream, and their power, battery life and style have increased at the same clip. E-bikes are now more affordable, and more plentiful, than ever — but many of them include the same feature sets, similar geometries and comparable maintenance schedules. In a world of electrified ride sameness, Lectric’s newest electric bike, the ONE, stands out.

What’s appealing about the Lectric ONE?

I’ll start with the most obvious: its unique feature set. The ONE isn’t your ordinary commuter bike; it comes with a Pinion gearbox, Gates Carbon Drive and according to Lectric, the highest power-to-weight ratio of any e-bike on the market. And the ONE offers that package for less than two grand, making this a highly appealing ride for anyone who wants to commute on their bike without worry.

The ONE offers a mix of affordability and thoughtful features. Lectric

“The technology built into this bike is going to appeal to serious commuters, and the maintenance-free aspect that comes along with that tech will excite everyday riders,” explains Lectric eBikes CEO and cofounder Levi Conlow. “And no other bike on the market has this level of world-class technology at such a low price.”

For those unfamiliar, a Gates Carbon belt drive essentially removes any need for regular maintenance; the carbon fiber-reinforced belt means no chains, and it doesn’t require lubricant, doesn’t rust and provides a smoother, quieter ride than any chain available. It also offers at least twice the life span of a chain.

Meanwhile, the Pinion Gear Box utilizes Pinion’s Smart Shift electronic shifting technology: riders can enjoy push-button style shifting that’s both intuitive and responsive. The C1.6i gearbox comes with a Pre Select feature that automatically sets the rider’s gears, allowing for auto-shifting while coasting, upshifting downhill and downshifting uphill. Running on the 750-watt Stealth M24 rear hub motor, the Lectric ONE delivers a balance of power and responsiveness that’s hard to compete with.

The Gates Carbon belt drive minimizes maintenance and noise. Lectric

Electronic shifting makes downhills and uphills a breeze.Lectric

While the look might not be for everyone, the Lectric ONE’s aerodynamic step-through frame is user-friendly: the geometry allows riders to maintain an upright riding position, cutting down on possible fatigue. The commuter-style ride is 55 pounds, which ain’t exactly feathery, but it’s still light enough to maneuver when you are not riding it, and most e-bike approved bike racks will hold its weight.

The ONE also comes with an updated color LCD display, 80mm hydraulic disc brakes, a brake-activated taillight, beefy 20-inch by 2.5-inch tires and an integrated rear rack for hauling cargo.

For commuters looking for a reliable and powerful ride that won’t break the bank — and that comes with an impressive, unique feature set — the ONE may just be the one.

Shipping in May, the ONE is available for pre-order now.


Lectric ONE

The ONE is a masterclass in combining mechanical ingenuity with the comfort of a commuter bike. Standout features include a Pinion gear box, Gates carbon belt drive and 750-watt motor.


Battery Range

45 miles


750W rear hub-motor (1310W Peak)


55 pounds


Incredible feature package for price

Geometry optimized for a comfortable riding position


Not built for off-road adventures

Aesthetics might not suit everyone