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This New Weed Grinder Proves Why Bigger Is Better

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This New Weed Grinder Proves Why Bigger Is Better

Honest, who makes our favorite bong and pipe, is on its way to becoming a true one-stop cannabis accessory brand.


Founded in 2018, Honest has pretty quickly become one of the most impressive brands in the cannabis industry, offering a range of devices and accessories that are somehow both familiar and unique. In fact, the brand’s Capsule Water Pipe tops our list of the best bongs you can buy, and ditto for the Path Pipe and our best pipes guide. And now the brand is finally filling a big gap in its catalog.

Arriving on February 28, Honest is releasing its aptly named Grinder. But I was lucky enough to get one early and test it out ahead of time. Here are my first impressions after spending a bit of time with the weed accessory.

I was initially shocked by the size, but I’m coming around

Honest’s Grinder is a lot of things, but small is not one of them. It has a 3.2-inch diameter and is 2.2 inches tall, which might not seem that large until you see it next to another grinder. For reference, my Higher Standards Aerospaced grinder is probably a third (or less) of the size of the Honest Grinder. 

Compared to other grinders, the Honest Grinder is pretty damn huge, but that does have its benefits.Photo by Sean Tirman

For a long time, I’ve been used to very small grinders, like the Aerospaced — and I believe that’s pretty common among weed smokers, as I’ve rarely encountered grinders larger than about palm-sized. Last year, I got my hands on the Pax Grinder (I reviewed it on November 9, 2023) and it was also quite large. The Honest Grinder is even bigger, but I’ve come around to it. In using it, I can tell it’s more ergonomic, and I’m returning to grinding my weed less often. This bigger format makes for a more efficient smoking experience, at least for me.

This is a beautiful accessory you’ll be happy to leave out

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Honest’s aesthetics, and this grinder is no exception. It’s crafted from a combination of handblown glass (for the chamber), anodized aluminum (for the grinder) and silicone (the seal between the grinder and chamber). While this isn’t the first multi-material grinder I’ve seen, it’s definitely one of the most well-executed, both stylistically and functionally speaking.

The teeth and slots are large and aggressive, but they’re also efficient and grind through weed like butter.Photo by Sean Tirman

I love the glass catch, as I can see my ground cannabis without having to take the grinder apart.Photo by Sean Tirman

That combination of materials and the design overall make me want to leave this grinder out on display for all to see (which is probably a good thing, as it’s pretty damn big to store between uses). That being said, the size and materials also make it incredibly easy to clean (another commonality among Honest’s gear). Materially speaking, it can probably go right into the dishwasher (you’d just want to remove the silicone seal) for even more convenient cleaning. That being said, I’d rather not find out how delicate it is by running it through the wash, and handwashing it is nearly as simple a prospect.

This grinder is best paired with an airtight storage container

More traditional small grinders are still going to beat out Honest’s when it comes to portability, but the latter is a better bet for home use, as you have to return to your grinder a lot less often. However, there is a potential downside of it being able to grind such large quantities of weed: that weed might dry out.

Perfect for home use, Honest’s Grinder is a very large single-chamber cannabis accessory.Photo by Sean Tirman

As a workaround for this (and for all the other lazy stoners out there), I recommend pairing this grinder with an airtight storage container (Honest actually makes their own). This will allow you to grind up a large amount of weed and keep it handy between smoking sessions while hopefully slowing down the inevitable dry-out. If you’re not a regular smoker, however, this grinder might be too big for you.

As a reminder, Honest’s Grinder releases on February 28 and will be priced at $75.

Honest Grinder

The brand’s first-ever grinder, this accessory is hefty — measuring up at 3.2 by 2.2 inches — but makes for an ergonomic, efficient cannabis-grinding experience. It’s also incredibly easy to clean and boasts a gorgeous, minimalist design.





Aluminum, glass, silicone


Ergonomic and efficient

Easy to clean

Beautiful and well-built


Quite large, better for regular smokers