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Today In Gear: Interesting Products and Picks

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Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios.


Today in Gear is our daily roundup of the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios. Please direct pitches, tips and questions to

OLIPOP, the brand know for its tasty fiber-rich sodas, just announced that its hiring two besties as “Senior Soda Consultants.” The duo can earn $10,000 per city for traveling up to four cities and creating content — a love of soda and top-notch content creation skills required. Applications are open through March 22. 

Today we’re talking about a new boot, mattresses and a fun Nalgene. This is Today in Gear.


Meet the Mountain Moc 

It’s a standout: Huckberry and Danner teamed up to create the Mountain Moc 917 GTX ($220). The brands worked together to reinvent an iconic and popular Danner boot from 1967. The new Mountain Moc is completely re-engineered to meet modern standards: It’s fully waterproof, resolvable for sustainability and offers sneaker-like comfort in a cool suede look. 


Nalgene Adds a Little Spice

New and noteworthy: Nalgene just launched a limited-edition psychedelic botanicals collection that the brand says are “ready for any kind of trip.” The 32-ounce wide-mouth bottles ($18) feature three different options for wraparound graphics: one has colorful ferns, one has neon florals and another is covered in — you guessed it — mushrooms. Grab this reusable water bottle for whatever adventure lies ahead. 


Casper’s New Mattress Line

In case you missed it: Beloved mattress brand, Casper, launched an entire new line that offer an array of new features, from foam to hybrid and mattresses with cooling features and extra support. The new line includes the Casper One (from $875, on sale for $695), which is a medium-firm all-foam mattress. The Dream (from $1,495, on sale for $1,195) pairs traditional coils with foam and the hybrid Snow (from $1,875, on sale for $1,495) offers up cooling technology.


A Fresh Wildwonder Flavor 

Fun and fresh: Wildwonder offers up fun bubbly beverages designed to be a healthier alternative to soda. The brand just announced a new flavor, Raspberry Lychee ($42 for 12 cans) that has just 6 grams of sugar and 40 calories per can and is made with raspberry, lychee and fresh-brewed honeysuckle. Wildwonder was founded by Rosa Li and the drinks are inspired by her Chinese heritage, but reimagined for modern taste preferences. Plus, with both probiotics and prebiotics, these drinks are good for your gut.


New Aegean Olive Oil 

Just launched: Heraclea released a new Turkish-flavored olive oil collection that you’ll probably want to douse all of your meals in. The Aegean Flavors Collection ($57) features four different flavors that come packaged in aesthetically pleasing tins. The chili oil packs a smooth heat (we recommend dousing veggies in it before roasting). The other flavors are garlic, rosemary and a zesty lemon that’s great for salads.

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