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Todd Snyder Puts a Stunning Retro Spin on a Timex Classic for Under $250

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The Camper goes glamping.

Todd Snyder x Timex

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Timex is known for making extremely affordable watches that offer remarkable durability for the price. The Connecticut-based brand’s most famous slogan from its 170-year-and-counting run is “Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.”

Perhaps no watch in the Timex catalog better embodies this ethos than the Camper. First debuting in the 1980s as a dirt-cheap and disposable plastic-bodied field watch with a mechanical movement for the U.S. Army, the Camper soon became known as a utilitarian everyman watch for civilians thanks to its time spent on the wrist of Richard Dean Anderson’s MacGyver in the first few seasons of the titular 1980s action TV series.

A more recent, quartz-powered reissue of the original Timex Camper.eBay

Now, four decades later, popular menswear designer and accomplished Timex collaborator Todd Snyder has taken the bones of the Camper and created a stunning non-disposable dress watch that looks better suited for Don Draper’s wrist than MacGyver’s. Say hello to the The Todd Snyder x Timex MK-1 Amalfi.

The Camper goes glamping

The “Amalfi” really shares very little in common with the original camper. Outside of the hand-wound mechanical movement under the hood, the 36mm case size, the domed acrylic crystal and the general case shape, these are entirely different watches, with the Amalfi more closely resembling dress watches of the 1950s and ’60s than a 1980s field watch.

Gone is the printed 12-and-24-hour scale on the dial, replaced here by gold-tone applied indices that alternate between Arabic numerals and dagger-style markers. The sharpened leaf-shaped hands, also in polished gold-tone metal, are a far more elegant choice than the white fencepost hands of the original Camper. Then there’s the dial, which eschews the matte black of the original camper for a dressy cream-colored face.

After starting with the original Timex Camper as inspiration, Todd Snyder changed almost everything about the watch for the Amalfi.Todd Snyder x Timex

The case of the Amalfi is in polished stainless steel, an obvious upgrade over the disposable plastic case of MacGyver’s watch, while the strap is made of tan leather. Todd Snyder says the strap is military-inspired, but it seems a lot more luxe than the actual military-issued nylon strap of the original Camper. Finally, the Amalfi, while technically a dress watch, actually boasts a better water resistance rating than the mil-spec Camper, coming in with a 50m depth rating instead of 30m.

And the best part? You can pick up the new Todd Snyder x Timex MK-1 Amalfi for just $239, which is about what you’d pay for an original Camper. But while the original was meant to be disposable, the new one is much higher quality and will last a whole lot longer.

Todd Snyder x Timex

Todd Snyder x Timex MK-1 Amalfi

Inspired by the original Timex Camper field watch of the 1980s, this Todd Snyder collab goes back even further with its styling to craft a stunning mid-century-inspired dress watch.


Case Size




Water Resistance



Great conservative size

Very attractive retro styling


No transparency about the movement

Gold crown looks a little cheap