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Original Unlocked Apple iPhone SE Fingerprint Dual-core 4G LTE Smartphone Sealed 2GB RAM 16/64GB ROM Touch ID Mobile Phone

(13 customer reviews)


1*phone with battery(Battery is used, the capacity may be less than 1642mAh)



1*USB cable

1*manua book


Accessories are not original

Brand Name


Apple Model

iPhone SE, Apple A9

Item Condition


Touch Screen


Fast Charging


3.5mm Headphone Port


Operation System


Rear Camera Pixel


Display Resolution


Front Camera Pixel




Battery Type

Not Detachable

Charging Power


Front Camera Quantity



Italian, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Polish, English, Portuguese



Rear Camera Quantity


Display Size


Screen Type

Normal Screen





Biometrics Technology

Fingerprint Recognition

Battery Capacity(mAh)


Charging Interface Type


Wireless Charging


SIM Card Quantity

1 SIM Card



CPU Core Quantity

Dual Core

CPU Model


Optical Zoom






Standby Time

Up To 120 Hours

13 reviews for Original Unlocked Apple iPhone SE Fingerprint Dual-core 4G LTE Smartphone Sealed 2GB RAM 16/64GB ROM Touch ID Mobile Phone

  1. Shopper

    Priority shipping took days is perfect. Ali in the skin that Chi dragon supremely soon so surprised. Packing also some space and could not come box creasing, new packing like vinyl-capped it. When saw the opening speed: leather like Arthur just stay as 뒀 cooking phone itself is double-sided film Stuck and rel result too neat and fine. Programmable turn saw what best battery groom groom one replacement seems the living. So grunge cellphone hold shake it split off by 뀸 romper 떵 to shoot the or 욥. But is OK cute and starts right to do. Se bottle hanging In slammed nor was the healing ourself. Working day best battery real daughter of frayed high, dock for slow and low hand small letter day Dota autonomous dustbin duvet letter I’m hee hee. But within 줜 cuteness ㅋ ㅋ I regret I’m sorry camera wholesale jump Jump definition within Crystal Head 헷

  2. Ю***в

    Phone fire! The seller is handsome, helped. Put the protective glass, the cover. The phone came packed, everything is ideally. I can’t believe it. Updated to latest version of iOS

  3. S***m

    Shipping fast solid air cap packing with this should not come in.
    Unit is working well and no-no problem with four key

  4. K***r

    IPhone SE 128G Price was exactly $150 dollars to wish. Clearance when bent tube set 19,490 sent one swoop. Stock quantity is not waiting when added with cotton 128g small quantity. Order before those both 128g with you owe it to yourself-iPhone SE 128 for many years the continued writing used parts for road bought. The high quality very nice

  5. Shopper

    I bought my mother, at first glance everything is fine, let’s see what will happen in the future.
    The seller put the glass and the cover, but it is not very high quality, a little curve.
    I did not glue the glass, because under the film there is another film, the screen will not be scratched.

  6. E***a

    The phone came, a good 100% battery, charging works, the headphones of course differ in sound, not much on the screen is visible glue. On checking the phone from 2018. In principle, while buying are satisfied. How will the time complement the review

  7. G***g

    White new screen in holes in writing is that most never ㅎ

  8. V***v

    At this seller I take the second phone, for restored excellent phones! The first one at all without flaws works fine! The second one has a small lack of space, it keeps LTE (well, it can be I very much catch up, maybe the operator does not have a stable network), well, and the In the rest, the seller is excellent, the phones can be taken!

  9. k***n

    Hello, ordered the goods December 28, 2021, came on 21.01.22 to Kazan. The seller put the case silicone, protective glass. The fingerprint works, the increase and decrease of the volume works, and the vibration also works. The photo is attached, everything matches, everything is fine.

    Hello, I ordered the product on December 28, 2021, arrived on 21.01.22 in Kazan. The seller put a silicone case, protective glass. Fingerprint Works, volume up and down works, and vibration works too. The photo is attached, everything matches, everything is fine.

  10. Shopper

    Minimum order per the receipt of light. Ali in the second purchase day double end embarrassing for amazingly road home button from daughter cocktail daughter cocktail sound or four… Stars expectations Fazer mobile phone self appearance is clean it. His only vinyl packed in outer box muses for white fluffy S et pulls. Or send the film the home button and top speaker parts atmosphere, conversely is send with hang hole on both common there is stuck in stepped in with Nail Box four! And mobile phone watch, no rust test are you. Children and lovers do not know with minimum Sunday in LED door had used its Thursday? Far too progress should not seller any commodity send LED room can 쭤 봣 more setup before send the mor targeted the answer there in order to cancel sunlight Dunedin E Day in my day can send to shutdown the ^^ kindly contact.!

  11. 1***d

    January day to remind in separate days arrived and then to fast expect to light the Think no later than get surprised in four key in. order receiving days behind stuff sent Please remind commendeth Oh) battery Performance 100 and this price to buy bubble cotton good dont think as shipping temperature protective film did a good case the pollution is much high flow water clanks passivated map did not (case, please order separately) mobile phone, LCD side to whatever is there are cuddling and discomfort one gun not by just writing this price can still trying this so very satisfied! Korea Line forever nail tool to shows. Distressed and have used the RT recommended.!

  12. U***c

    Communication with the seller pass well , everything as is should be ,l’m satisfied. Thank you to seller , ANY RECOMMENDATIONS!!! :)))

  13. A***T

    I loved this one cellular. Is a good choice if you need a secondary device for thy days to days. Arrived sooner than anticipated and in excellent condition. To pass custom houses here in USA, they did not charge tax. The box is original and comes with accessories (cable lightning, earphones, Charger) that, although not original. They are quality nice. Additionally, comes with a green card and case for cellular. The only thing that displeased me was that they sent me the wrong model. I ordered the model A1662. And received the model A1723. Out of that petty trouble. I like the service provided by the seller.

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